Fern Alley Hiking Trail…

The Fern Alley hiking trail in Moose Lake Provincial Park is amongst those closed because of the current dry weather conditions. 

May 13, 2021 – Fire Ban and Backcountry Travel Ban in Southern Manitoba

Due to continued dry conditions and extreme wildfire danger, the following restrictions are now in place at all provincial parks south of the 53rd parallel (includes all easterncentral and western region parks).

  • All backcountry trails and water routes closed.  This includes hiking, equestrian, mountain biking and motorized vehicles.  Limited trails within developed front-country campgrounds and town sites remain open. See full list of trail closures here
  • No campfires permitted at any time.  CSA approved gas appliances are permitted.
  • Landing and launching of watercraft and aircraft restricted to developed shorelines only (docks and shoreline improvements made to safely secure aircraft and boats).  No portaging to backcountry areas. 
  • Remote cottage access under approved travel permit only issued at the discretion of the local Conservation Officer.
  • Industry and outfitters should contact their local Conservation and Climate office for more information.

Spring Update 2021

The 2021 season is upon us……As cottage owners we are fortunate to have a beautiful place like Moose Lake to enjoy in these stressful times. Please read the information below to see what’s going on within the park and help you get the best out of your cottaging this year.
For updated information on COVID 19 restrictions in provincial parks please go to COVID 19: Information for Park Visitors
Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will unfortunately not be able to host a Family Fun Day.  We may be able to host Moose Music with appropriate COVID safety measures in on Sunday August 1st  – confirmation and information to follow based on Covid related conditions and restrictions at that time.
Grading of the park roads is currently underway, once complete, speed bumps will be replaced on the east and west cottage roads at the same locations as last year.  Dust suppression is scheduled to be applied by the end of May (weather permitting – we need a little rain!)
The water plant is up and running with testing to be complete this week (May 10-14).  We encourage Cottagers to source water from within the park as often as possible!
Please note that the Transfer Station will no longer be accepting mattresses.
Fire safety– please ensure you are noting the fire conditions in our area.  Fire bans will be posted at the Park access point (park campground office) or further information can be found here: Manitoba Fire Restrictions . For information on the Woodlands/Sandilands fire from the RM of Piney click here: Piney Fire Updates
With a dry spring, water levels are low.  The control dam will be adjusted to maintain optimum lake levels as directed by water stewardship.
Pesticide use is governed by directives from the Province of Manitoba. Note that the use of non-essential herbicides is restricted in Manitoba.
Please see the following link for information and appropriate use: MB Pesticides
The MLCOA has provided two fire extinguishers for public/cottager use in case of emergencies. They are located on posts at Block 4, Lot 4 (East side) and Block 14, Lot 15 (West side). If you need to use them, please notify the MLCOA by email (mooselakecoa@gmail.com) so that they can be re-charged. These fire extinguishers were replaced this spring and the MLCOA would like to thank Prairie Battery for providing annual servicing free of charge to our association.
Association fees are set at $40 as per our 2018 AGM.  We would like to encourage contactless payment of our annual fees in light of the continuing concerns with COVID.  Fees can be paid via this link MLCOA Fees to our website.  We use a ‘PayPal’ portal as a secure payment method.  YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  Once you click the link “I would like to pay my MLCOA fees”, enter your lot and block number and follow the links as a guest to pay with a credit card.  
We have several new cottage owners this year. Please encourage them to contact us to become members of the MLCOA. We can be reached by email… mooselakecoa@gmail.com
Listed below are our Park Partners. Please say hello when you see them!
Kurtis Cline/ Park Region Manager
Morgan Hallett / Park Specialist
Bill Prevost/ Park District Manager
Lynn Bennett/ Park Works Supervisor
Patrick Desorcy/ Conservation Officer (Sprague)
Andrea/ Park Access Point
Grace/ Park Access Point
For information regarding development on your lot, please contact…
Cheryl Mason: Park Lot Development Inspector cheryl.mason@gov.mb.ca
T 204-349-6020    F 204-349-6023

2020 AGM, Saturday, September 5th

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Moose Lake Cottage Owners Association

Saturday, September 5th, 2020

10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Group Use Area, East end of the Campground (where Family Fun Day is usually held)

Our AGM will be held outdoors this year to best comply with Provincial guidelines for safe gatherings. In the event of rain, the AGM will be cancelled and further information will be delivered at a later date by email.

We will also be monitoring the provincial updates regarding Covid-19 and will notify our membership by email should it become necessary to cancel the meeting.

We would request that those who attend bring their own seating and space yourselves accordingly.

In order to vote during the AGM (i.e. election of officers, new expenditures etc), cottage owners must have paid their 2020 fees. If you haven’t done so already, you may do so online through our “MLCOA Fees” page above, or by cheque at the AGM registration.

If you can’t attend the AGM but still want to retain your voting rights you can do so by filling out a proxy form. This form is available through the “Publications” page above. You can have this returned to us with the person to whom you have given your proxy at the AGM registration desk on September 5th, electronic scan to mooselakecoa@gmail.com or dropped off at Block4/Lot9 (David Morrow –  President, MLCOA).

The Agenda for the upcoming meeting and Minutes for the 2019 AGM are also available through the “Publications” page above.

We look forward to seeing you on September 5th… let’s hope that mother nature provides some fine weather for us!

June Update…

Summer weather has finally arrived at Moose Lake, and here is an update for cottagers on happenings in the park.

Manitoba Infrastructure has been monitoring the lake level with Parks and Resource Spaces Protection Division doing the maintenance on their behalf. Boards were removed earlier from the outlet dam to draw down the level as per MI’s guidance. The summer standard level is .27, so earlier this week the boards were reinstalled with the level at .35 to maintain a surplus to account for evaporation and potential lower rainfall amounts.

Following road grading, the Speed Bumps have been marked with the installation to happen next week. Locations have been determined for best placement to slow down drivers with safety and effectiveness in mind.

Clearing has begun on the area for the new play structure (located where the previous structure was). Digging will begin next week, with installation scheduled for June 15th.

Work continues to happen on the Cottager’s Handbook for Manitoba Provincial Parks. Input has been received from cottager’s (including several from Moose Lake) and working documents have been submitted to the MPPCOA (Manitoba Provincial Parks Cottage Owners Association) for review.

David Morrow, MLCOA

Spring 2020 update…


With Spring well underway, and a rather unique cottage season approaching, the MLCOA board would like to update the membership on several items after a long and eventful winter.

As a result of the current Covid-19 Pandemic, cottagers should know that the Park will remain open, but all public services, such as washrooms, beaches, playgrounds etc. will be closed. You can check their website for updates – www.manitobaparks.com. On their homepage they have a COVID-19 update which will be adjusted as things change. The Parks administration is following the guidelines set by the Province of Manitoba… specific information regarding travelling to cottages can be found in this PDF… parks_covid .

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the MLCOA will not be hosting Family Fun Day and Moose Music this August. We will take this opportunity to “tweak” the event so that it will be bigger and better when it returns.

Installation of the new cottage road speed bumps as agreed upon at last fall’s AGM will happen in the next few weeks. Road grading must be done first and we are consulting with Parks regarding best placement for location and safety.

Park passes will now be accessible through the Government of Manitoba’s elicensing website. You can get your pass here… Manitoba Park Pass

The Silver Birch Resort is open and will be following best practice guidelines regarding physical distancing.

Your MLCOA fees can be paid at your convenience through our web portal here… pay my MLCOA fees, or use the link in the header menu.

As things change we will continue to update. We will also be sending this information out in an email to our subscribers list. If you aren’t on our list please contact us at our email address to be added… mooselakecoa@gmail.com


David Morrow

Moose lake Cottage Owners Association

2019 AGM Saturday, Aug. 31

2018 AGM Moose Lake COA – Saturday, August 31, 10AM -12PM

Camp Moose Lake Main Building

Note that parking on the camp grounds is unavailable as there is construction ongoing. Please park on the side of the road leading to the camp.

We are urgently seeking board members to help us continue to provide the information, services and events for our cottagers. Please consider putting yourself forward for the following positions.

Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors for both east and west sides.

If you are unable to attend and wish to have your votes registered, please fill out the Proxy and send it along with someone to vote on your behalf. The Proxy, Agenda and the minutes from last years AGM are available on our documents page by clicking here…

Moose Music 2019

Come join us on Sunday evening, August 4th for Moose Music!

Cottagers and Campers alike are invited to come perform and listen for an evening of live music at the east end of the campground in the Group Use Area.

Some cottagers will get things moving at 7pm and anyone who wishes is invited to come on up and do their thing. Bring your guitar, ukulele or voice… whatever your musical talent may be.

Drums, guitar, keyboard and PA system are supplied.

7 – 9:30 pm, Sunday August 4th/2019.

Family Fun Day, August 3rd…

We are pleased to be holding Family Fun Day again this year on Saturday, August 3rd from 12 – 4pm (no rain date). All the usual events will be on… a Barbeque featuring burgers, dogs, drinks and sides… games for the kids and adults followed by the annual East/West baseball game at 7pm.

Those who haven’t paid there dues yet can do so at the registration tent on the day of the event.

See you on Saturday, August 3rd… meet your lake neighbours and enjoy our wonderful community.

2018 AGM Documents

All the documents required for the 2018 AGM being held this coming Saturday are in the Publications page accessible by clicking the link at the top-right of the menu. This includes the “Minutes form 2017 AGM”, the “2018 Agenda”, “2018 Proxy Form” and the “Application for a Provincial Parks Permit (Camping Unit on a Vacation Home Lot)”.